In 2018 the City of San Jose contracted with the San Francisco based Landscape Architecture firm, SWA Group, and an artist, Nori Sato to develop a new master plan for Pellier Park. The goal was to develop a new master plan for the park that incorporated the historical references of the past in a unique way that fit the modern context of the new neighborhood. The design team held three community meetings between September of 2018 and April of 2019 to develop a comprehensive master plan focused around the historical context of Louis Pellier, the community and participants that built the original park that opened in 1977, original artifacts that were salvaged from the park, and the new community that will live in the neighborhood. The current design revolves around the idea that the prune shape forms the basis of the spaces within the park with a central “pit” being the community table, surrounded by the landscaped areas forming the flesh and the leaves. The paseo provides a pedestrian connection between W. St. James Street and Devine Street, welcoming the residents of City Heights and the townhomes into a relaxing thorough fair. The highlight of the park is the purple plaque wall celebrating the original donors of the park, E Clampus Vitus, and current connections and poems related to the prune.  The design is currently moving through the final master planning phase and is intended to start construction in 2020.


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